Firm Foundations?

The 2017 IoD Annual Debate certainly shook the foundations of my views on Guernsey’s infrastructure. Though air links was a hot topic, it transpired that the sky’s not the only limit for Guernsey’s infrastructure - digital connectivity and education were also scrutinised by our panelists and business representatives. Guided by moderator Alastair Stewart, I think the debate raised some valuable ideas about building a solid future for our island.
Our keynote speaker, Richard Abadie, and guest speaker, Deputy Gavin St Pier, set a forward-thinking tone for the evening with both asserting that a clear ‘blueprint’ is essential. 20 years was the proposed time-frame but Mr Abadie was quick to highlight the problems that may arise from long-term planning. Drawing on his global experience, Mr Abadie claimed that rapid technological development has major implications on both the focus and purpose of an infrastructural model. Unfortunately, despite the resemblance between Deputy St Pier’s head and…